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Anima - Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus has four scholarship funds established to which community members may contribute. These funds provide financial aid for children who would otherwise be unable to participate in Anima's outstanding choral education program.
Anima /AH-Nee-Mah/

is the Latin word for Breath, Life, Soul, Spirit.

The joy of singing, fun, friendship, skill mastery, sharing,
self-expression, professionalism, discovery, learning, teamwork,
self-assessment, outstanding opportunities

Available Scholarships

The Kay J. Kehoe Scholarship Fund

Established by William R. and Patricia Johansen in 1996, honors Kay Kehoe, past board president, and tireless, skilled, dedicated volunteer. Scholarships assist choristers from all ensembles.

The Ashley B. Damron Scholarship Fund

Established by Jim and Carolyn Damron in honor of their daughter, Ashley, an Anima chorister from 1989 - 2000. Because the Anima - Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus experience was so meaningful for both Ashley and her parents, they wish to assist other Touring choristers in enjoying the benefits of a quality musical experience.

The Anima - Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus Scholarship Fund

A general fund that provides assistance for any chorus expense to choristers with economic need.

The Rachel Gibson spirit of Collaboration Fund

Established by the Gibson family as a memorial to their daughter, a chorus member from 2002 to 2011, and celebrates her spirit of collaboration and service. Funds can be used to promote and celebrate group efforts and collaboration.

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