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Anima is committed to transforming young lives through excellence in music education and choral singing. Anima creates award-winning voices, where every child can be heard. Our team ignites passion in youth, forming leaders, and instilling excellence alongside a fun, joy-filled experience. The literal and figurative harmony created through a community that achieves together has lifelong benefits.
Anima /AH-Nee-Mah/

is the Latin word for Breath, Life, Soul, Spirit.

The joy of singing, fun, friendship, skill mastery, sharing,
self-expression, professionalism, discovery, learning, teamwork,
self-assessment, outstanding opportunities

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Different ensembles within Anima - Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus offer escalating levels of challenge, appropriate to the age, maturity and experience of the singers in each ensemble. Each ensemble is designed to be a rewarding experience in its own right, and offers enriching rehearsal and performance opportunities.

For new singers interested in Treble, Concert or Touring Chorus, please click the button below to schedule a placement hearing to ensure your child is placed in the appropriate ensemble.


Supplemental Programs

Summer Programs

Musical Theater Workshop

Grades 7-12

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Summer Programs

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Anima - Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus welcomes young people from Kindergarten through High School in various ensemble programs.