KidSingers Curriculum



KidSingers music is selected for its age appropriateness, as well as its ability to teach musical awareness, and engage our youngest singers with a sense of fun and play.  Music is drawn from folk songs, musical games, and unison and partner songs from America as well as other countries.



Concepts about music (melody, rhythm, harmony, tone color, loud and soft, simple forms),  musical skills (pitch accuracy, steadiness of beat, fast-slow, echoing musical patterns, etc.) and vocal skills (learning the difference between the singing voice and the speaking or yelling voice, standing tall, breathing deeply) will be taught systematically throughout the rehearsals.  Musical concepts are taught through singing, listening, moving, and playing with a spirit of joy and discovery.

Interpersonal and Personal Growth


Learning to perform music with skill and understanding builds self-esteem.  In addition, music-making is done in relationship with others, within a community of shared learning and common goals.