Sing Fest

Anima’s Annual Community Celebration of Song

Each spring at SingFest, students invited by their music teachers join with Anima in a fun and inspirational day of singing that ends with a concert open to the public.  With a track of activities for teachers, and one for students, the day provides networking, shared learning, new ideas, and fun for students and teachers from four counties.

Project Sing

Anima’s Annual Community Celebration of Song

Numerous studies show that active participation in music starting at a young age promotes greater artistic, academic, and social growth.  We believe that singing, using the built-in instrument we all share, should be part of every child’s development.

In today’s busy, diverse world, however, we understand that many families are unable to join Anima’s traditional on-site programs for a variety of reasons.  Nor do some of these families have regular access to music. So, as part of our mission, we bring music education to the neighborhood!

By collaborating with local school districts, Anima provides an inspiring weekly choral experience using some of the same repertoire as our core programs and highly trained instructors. Neighborhood choirs perform at least twice per season with our core ensembles in beautiful venues, for an inspiring demonstration of what they have learned.

Our West Chicago Neighborhood Choir is now up and running at Gary Elementary School, District 33.